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August 2, 2017  

005 - Are the courts against Dads? The truth about child custody for fathers.

When it comes to child custody battles, fathers may feel like the odds are stacked against them. But, in fact, this is not the case.

British Columbia’s Family Law Act ceased using the word “custody” in 2013, favoring terms such as “parenting responsibilities” and “parenting time,” but still relating to what we think of as custody.

The act considers parenting roles of both parents, and courts often start from the place that a child needs both parents. The best interest of the child is different for each unique case. Sometimes that may be 50/50 but can vary. For example, if one parent struggles to get the child to school on time but has lots of fun on weekends, that would be considered when deciding arrangements.

The focus is on what strengths each parent offers, rather than looking at the negatives.

Cases in which a father does not get to see his children are extremely rare, and when they do happen, are for good reason.

More about the BC Family Law Act:

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July 28, 2017  

004 - Here is the best child custody advice for your case (and your kids)

Having dealt with many child custody cases, lawyer Val Hemminger shares the single most important piece of child custody advice.

You’ll hear why it’s important to take the high road in a custody battle, even though it may seem difficult or you may want revenge. With custody comes responsibility. It’s not about winning, it’s about what is best.

Hemminger Law Group Westshore is based in Langford, British Columbia, Canada. Need legal advice? Visit for a no-obligation consultation.

July 21, 2017  

003 - Here is how you choose the right divorce lawyer, because the stakes are high.

Going through a divorce is tough, and then there's the added difficulty and stress of trying to pick the right divorce lawyer to represent you. There's a lot riding on the choice.

In this episode, Val Hamminger shares tips and insight on qualities that you can use to identify a great divorce lawyer. 

July 21, 2017  

002 - Why mediation can be a great idea for your case. Even if you don’t settle.

Successful mediation can help you avoid the stress, wasted time, and expense of going to trial. 

Lawyer Val Hemminger explains the benefits of meditation, the process, and why it's still beneficial even if unsuccessful. 

July 16, 2017  

001 - If you were not in a marriage-like relationship, you just might avoid support.

Whether or not a relationship between two parents is considered spousal can have a significant impact should they decide to part ways. Even though there may not have been an official marriage, a relationship can still qualify as "marriage-like." This can be tough to determine in court, factoring in everything from sleeping arrangements to family vacations, and is important to be aware of. Listen as Val Hemminger from Hemminger Law Group Westshore explains marriage-like relationships and what you need to know about them if you are or may soon be going through a separation.