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January 8, 2018  

Personal Injury Mediation

January 8, 2018

Mediation is the best trial prep ever. Full stop.

First of all, let's talk about what the process is. In personal injury matters, is really, a professionally guided negotiation between the opposing sides of a case. Typically, there are five players in the room. There is the lawyer for the insurance company, an employee from the insurance company, the plaintiff (also known as you, the client), your lawyer (also known as us), and the mediator. Your mediator will be trained in dispute resolution skills.

The mediator's job is to try to get both parties to resolve the matter and settling without going to trial.

At Hemminger Law Group Westshore, we like this process for two big reasons. First of all, we might end up resolving your case. From the client's (and their lawyer's) perspective, this method is quicker and less stressful than proceeding to trial. Mediation can be over in one day, while a trial easily lasts five to ten days.


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